The mad men fahrenheit 32 collection

The Mad Men Fahrenheit 32 collection, the freezing point of water is inspired by cold winters bringing chilly winds, frost  and ice.  The mix of straight and broken lines with smooth and ragged pencil strokes suggests the marks left by skaters on the ice. The 'vintage' woven jacquard look is created by a mix of dull and shining yarns. The rugs are hand finished with reinforced corners and an anti slip layer for a secure fit.

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150x80    £120.00+vat

200x140  £260.00+vat

240x170  £385.00+vat

280x200  £525.00+vat

330x230  £690.00+vat

360x280  £930.00+vat

Mad Men Fahrenheit - Polar Vortex by Louis de Poortere

Mad Men Fahrenheit - Pecan Frost  by Louis de Poortere

Mad Men Fahrenheit - New York Fall  by Louis de Poortere

Polar Vortex 8877

Pecan Frost 8878

New York Fall 8879

Mad Men Fahrenheit - Wind Chill Grey by Louis de Poortere

  Mad Men Fahrenheit - Central Park Green  by Louis de Poortere

Central Park Green 8882


Wind Chill Grey 8881