Fabulous runner designs by Alternative Flooring in 80% pure wool and traditionally woven on axminster looms. Four stunning designs : Spotty Dotty & Tess in 8 identical colours, Tartan Fling in 5 colours complimenting the Dotty  and Tess designs and Skinny Zebra  in 2 colours.

  • Stair Runner 69cm wide  selvedge (unfinished)   £72.90 lin. m+vat
  • Tailor made  runner up to 69 cm wide with whipped finish £86.90 lin. m+vat  
  • Tailor made  runner up to 69cm wide with bound edge in plain cotton or chenille £96.80 lin. m+vat.

Please contact us for further information and colour samples.

Quirky Dotty Lime Stair runner with bound edge
Quirky Tess  col Damson stair runner with selvedge quirky tartan fling damson

Spotty Dotty - Stair Runner with

bound Edge

Tess Stair Runner with Selvedge

Tartan Fling  Runner with whipped Edge

Skinny Zebra Stair Runner

with bound Edge

Quirky spotty dotty damson Quirky Tess - Damson quirky tartan fling black

Dotty - Damson

Tess - Damson

Tartan Fling - Black

Skinny Zebra - Natural

Quirky Dotty gray Quirky Tess - Grey Quirku tartan Fling Duckegg

Dotty - Grey

Tess - Grey

Tartan Fling - Duckegg

Skinny Zebra - Black

Quirky spotty dotty lime Quirky Tess - Lime Quirky tartan fling blue


Dotty - Lime

Tess - Lime

Tartan Fling - Blue

Quirky spotty dotty duckegg Quirky Tess - Duckegg Quirky tartan fling lime

Dotty - Duckegg

Tess - Duckegg

Tartan Fling - Lime

Quirky spotty dotty pink Quirky Tess -  Pink Quirky Tartan Fling Damson

Dotty - Pink

Tess - Pink

Tartan Fling - Damson

Quirky spotty dotty black Quirky Tess - Black  

Dotty - Black

Tess - Black

Quirky spotty dotty natural Quirky Tess - natural

Dotty - Natural

Tess - Natural

Quirky spotty dotty blue Quirky Tess - Blue

Dotty - Blue

Tess - Blue