traditional Stair Runners PLAIN or with border

Ollerton Rugs & Carpets offer a collection of traditionally woven stair runners in plain and bordered designs together with a collection of more modern tufted wool options varying from plain twists or velvets and textured loop and sisal designs.

Please contact us for further information and free colour samples.

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Classic Woven Wilton
Hellas, Qashqai & Steps
Escalier Woven Wilton

80/20 woven wilton classic stair runner

hellas and Qashqai brink and campman stair runners 80/20 woven axminster

Escalier stair runner 80/20 woven Wilton

The Classic design has a contrasting decorative border and is available in 7 colourways 60cm, 70cm and 90cm wide.  more...

Four traditionally woven axminster designs loomed 57cm & 70cm wide. Rich colours, plush quality. Ultimate luxury.  more...

Escalier - 12 plain colourways in 60cm, 70cm and 90cm wide.  For extra wide stairs and corridors.  more...

Natural Sisals
The Globe Collection
Morocco Borders

Natural sisal Herringbone runner

Natural sisal  runners with whipped finish 66cm wide in two designs. Aslo bespoke made with matching broadloom.   more...

Tufted 100% wool textures and 80/20 wool  twist and velvet runners  bespoke made up to 1m wide in over 200 colourways.  more...

Morocco runners are 100% sisal. There are 4 border designs, 4 multi stripes, and 6 striped designs. 69cm wide only.  more...

Haymaker woven Wilton
Haywain II Designs

Wool Cord 100% textured wool runner

A  luxurious densely loomed 80/20 wool 2-fold velvet staircarpet in 60 plain colours. Bespoke made up to 1m wide with whipped edge £64.95 lin. m+vat or 1m wide for fully fitting on stairs £48.95 sqm+vat.

The Haymaker runner is a 100% woven wilton flatweave in 3 natural colourways. Runner width 66cm with whipped finish.  Matching broadloom available. more...

100% textured wool runners with whipped finish 66cm wide. Two designs. Also bespoke made with matching broadloom.   more...