The Haywain Collection

A collection of 100% textured wool designs in 4m or 5m width consisting of non directional berber loops, ribbed weaves including stripes, boucles,true flatweaves and classic herringbone designs. Mainly in natural colours creating a contemporary coir/sisal look combined with the comfort and warmth of a wool carpet.

HayWain I

HayWain II

The Eco Collection

100% textured Wool designs in 4m and 5m wide broadloom mainly in natural colours with the exception of the striped designs  which are available in combinations of subtle two-tones to bolder contrasting stripes.


100% textured Wool designs for  bespoke rugs  a and tailor made runners any size. Choose your carpet, choose your border and create your own tailor made rug. Broadloom carpets in 4m or 5m wide for a co-ordinated look.


To reduce our carbon footprint  we offer a collection of natural environmentally-friendly carpets in wool textures including stripes and tartan designs, which are mostly handloomed with 100% natural or undyed wool.